Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance “There is no good governance without men and women of Integrity,” Valda Henry (2001) Our Services are listed below Governance in the Boardroom Retreat Governance in the Boardroom Seminar Board Peer Evaluation Internal Control Audit Voice of the … Read More

Organisational Restructuring

Organisational Restructuring Strategic Alignment Right Sizing Operational Effectiveness Our Services are listed below Change Management Job Evaluation and Grading Job Description Review and Creation Organisational Review Need more Information? Contact Us

Training Seminars

Training Seminars Enlightment Competency & Skill Development Capacity Development & Enhancement Customized & Personalised Training Our Training Classes are listed below Delivering Red Carpet Customer Service Delivering First Level Managers Leading from the Front Toolkit for HR Managers Developing Sound … Read More

Social Security

Social Security “There is no lasting peace without Social Justice, there is no Social Justice without Social Security, there is no Social Security without Sound Financing,” ILO Facts, 1998 Our Services are listed below Pension/Social Security Reform Social Security Training … Read More

Strategical and HR Management

Strategical and HR Management Authentic Leadership Servant Leadership Strategic Choices Our Services are listed below Strategic Plans Executive Coaching Human Resource Skills and Competency Audits Succession Planning Voice of the Employee's Survey Voice of Customer's Survey Risk Management Business Continuity … Read More

Performance Management

Performance Management “There is no good performance without accountability,” Valda Henry Our Services are listed below Performance Monitoring Performance Measurement Performance Appraisal Proprietary Watershed Software Voice of the Board Surveys Need more Information? Contact Us