Governance in the Boardroom

A pre-training assignment will be emailed to you upon registration.
Completion of an assignment at the end of training is required.

Lectures, Case Study, Participants Experience , High Level of Interaction and More!

Our objectives for this training seminar

Orientation for Board Members, Committee Members of Boards, Corporate Secretaries and General Managers/Chief Executive Officers

Discussion of the New Thinking in Corporate Governance

Enhance the Corporate Governance and Accountability Mechanism in your

Establishment of Network of Board Members

Governance in the Boardroom
$300XCD/training materials, snack and bag
  • Governance in the Boardroom
  • The Role of the Board
  • The Role of the Chairperson
  • The Role of the Audit Committee
  • The Role of the CEO and Corporate Secretary
  • Challenges Facing the Board

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