Youth Series

The Youth Series is a one week event targeting students from Grade 6 to the Dominica State College. The students are placed in three groups: Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors and the programme is customised to meet the needs of the groups.

It is a week of self-discovery, acceptance, learning, sharing, growing and fun.
The objectives of the Youth Series are:

- Assist the youth in discerning their life purpose
- Develop self-esteem and self-confidence
- Provide an avenue for self-expression and determination
- Provide strategies for coping with peer pressure
- Provide insights and strategies for managing adversity
- Encourage and inspire the youth to be ‘the best that they can be'
- Prepare the youth for the workplace

The focus of the Youth Series is on Self Esteem and Confidence and the programme is based on themes to include: Sports, Arts, Music, Sewing, History, Agriculture, Drama and Poetry, Song Writing, Junior Achievement Programme and Beginners’ Spanish, Water Safety. Every day, the morning will be devoted to the topics “Self Esteem & Confidence” and in the afternoon, to the participants’ areas of choice. Students will have the choice of devoting themselves to an area for the entire week or move across areas over the week.

The methodology will include lectures, role-plays, group activities, and field trips. The Friday is devoted to a Career Fair, Exhibition of the Student’s Work and Closing Ceremony.

V F Inc.’s Youth Series 2013 will culminate with a hike of one of the segments of the Waitikubuli National Trail.

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