Developing First Level Managers & Leaders

Target: Supervisors, Managers, Prospective Supervisors and Managers

Dates: December 11-13, 2012 – 8:30 – 1:00pm
Venue: Garraway Hotel

Costs: $1,200 includes training material, snack and bag.


1. Examine the tenets of effective supervision
2. Enhance supervisory and management skills
3. Inculcate a culture of continuous learning and development
4. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of supervision
.. and performance
5. Discuss “Hot Button” issues in supervision

Topics to be Covered:

1. Developing First Level Managers and Leaders
2. Role of the Supervisor
3. Transition from Worker to Supervisor
4. Workplace Excellence
5. Behaviours that Destroy Workplace Excellence
6. Overcoming Behaviours that Destroy Workplace Excellence
7. Results of Workplace Excellence
8. Hot Button Management Issues

Format: Lectures, Case Study, Participants' Experience.

Pre-Training Requirement: Participants are expected to prepare a report on their style of supervision, management and leadership; including the challenges and successes of their style.

Assignment: On a daily basis, participants are required to review the “Pre-Training Report” prepared to include strategies to enhance their Supervisory, Management and Leadership and identifying wherever possible the resources required, the responsible persons and the timeframe for accomplishment. Participants are also expected to identify the constraints or obstacles in the implementation of their strategies and ways to mitigate the obstacles.

After Care: One call a quarter for six months to check on the progress of the Plan

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