Cutting Edge Of Business

The “Cutting Edge of Business” hosted by Dr. Valda Frederica Henry of V F Inc is in its sixth year and enjoys a wide viewership and positive feedback from viewers. From the inception, the show promised to be apolitical, a requirement for both hosts and guests, and we have maintained and continue to keep that promise.

The program airs on the first and third Tuesday monthly at 8:30 pm, immediately on Channel 5 on Marpin Telecommunications. The program has a call in segment which allows viewers to comment and ask questions. Viewers may also email or write in questions and suggestions.

The objectives of “The Cutting Edge of Business” include: Discussing new trends in business: ideas, theories, concepts, practices Workable, practical ideas for the business community, particularly, the small business community Exploring the relationship between government, business and society Unbiased, objective information to the public on the issues of the day The program covers a wide range of topics related to business from health and wellness to human resource and financial issues. We also cover special issues based on events and carry special programs on behalf of sponsors.

The following packages are available: Advertisement - $150 for a 30 second advertisement. There is a 10% discount for a six months sponsorship and 15% for a year sponsorship.
This is the best advertising rate in the country.
Full Sponsorship of a Program - $2,200 per program.
The company has the option to choose the topic and select a maximum of three guests for the program, including their employees.

The benefits of full sponsorship include:

Three 30 seconds advertisement slots” per program. A copy of the tape of the program A reduced price for tapes of other programs not sponsored. The selection of a maximum of three guests, who may be employees or representatives of your firm on the program Ten percent (10%) discount on training programs hosted by V F Inc in 2013, where more than one participant attends.

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